cropped-cropped-cropped-2014-12-15-07-38-401.jpgWe are a diverse group of Asian voices coming from the Philippines, Vietnam, India, China, Pakistan, Korea, Burma, Japan, and other nations, based in the Bay Area. From our many walks of life, we have come together in response to a call from Black Lives Matter Bay Area (including the BlackOut Collective, Black Brunch organizers, Onyx Organizing Committee, and more) and the larger Black Lives Matter movement, to put forward these principles and protocols as a model for why and how we, as diverse Asian communities around the country and the world, can show up in solidarity with Black people in this struggle. Read More »

Check out some of our actions in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter below.

Blockading Home Depot to Demand Justice for Yuvette

February 21, 2015

#Asians4BlackLives supported #BlackLivesMatter organizers and allies and locked down several entrances to the Emeryville Home Depot to demand answers about the murder of Yuvette Henderson, a 38-year-old Black mother of two children, who was shot and killed by the Emeryville Police Department on February 3rd 2015, a few blocks from the Home Depot.

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Federal Building Shut down with 3rd World Resistance

January 15, 2015

#AsiansforBlackLives along with other Third World activists within the solidarity formation of Third World Resistance reclaimed MLK’s legacy of struggle and internationalism and protested what is widely seen as a war on Black people by the U.S. government by shutting down the Oakland Federal Building, a prime symbol of the U.S.’s longstanding oppression and violence against Black and other third world people here and all over the world.

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